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Emergency Lights Installation


The purpose of emergency lighting is to indicate escape or exit routes clearly in case of the failure of normal lighting. These lights must be installed at precise locations so that firefighting equipment is visible during fire emergencies when normal lights are either switched off or they simply fail. We will analyse the whole design and escape routes of your building and recommend a systematic emergency lighting plan. We’ll also install firefighting equipment if they are not already present.

Emergency lighting is also a great home safety option for anyone, especially those people who are at risk of falling in dark environments, such as the elderly or individuals with a visual impairment.

When used in conjunction and or connected in with security systems and smoke alarms, emergency lighting can provide a much safer environment to escape from a dangerous situation.

Commercial properties have had them for years, whilst homeowners in WA stumble around in the dark during our very regular storm blackouts or power outages.

It is important to be prepared. Emergency lighting units are mains power connected,(they require a very low amount of electricity to recharge the batteries), battery operated lights that activate in the event of power loss. When activated, they switch to battery and provide a basic level of lighting for 90 minutes or more (depending on type). With LED technology, emergency lighting has been made much more efficient.

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