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Do you know the 5 major warning signs for mould in your bathroom?

1. Heavy Condensation
2. Unpleasant Odors
3. Stained Windows
4. Water Leaks
5. Visible Mould Growth

These signs are important and when you spot them, it’s up to you to find a quick solution. Letting mould grow can have serious health risks, including allergic reactions, headaches, bloody noses, dizziness, and memory loss. Sometimes, mould hides in places that are difficult to notice. Why take the risk? If you want to avoid mould altogether, you may need a proactive solution.

We will help you choose from the very latest range of attractive and energy-efficient exhaust fans.

Whether you need to keep your bathroom sparkling and smelling fresh or your laundry free of mould and a mildew…a new exhaust fan installed by your local electrician is a great way to go.

To choose the right exhaust fans for your home or business, you need to follow these simple steps…Extractor Fans

  • Step 1 Select which rooms need the exhaust fans (eg bathroom, kitchen, laundry etc). NOTE…
    • The number of times the full volume of air needs to be changed every hour(ACH or Air Changes Per Hour), will vary from room to room.
    • Typically bathrooms are 15-20/hr, kitchens are 15-20/hr and laundries 10-30/hr
  • Step 2 Calculate the size of your room in cubic metres (height x length x width)
  • Step 3 Calculate the ventilation requirements (cubic metres of air shifted per hour = number of air changes x room size)
    • Using a kitchen for example…
    • size is 3m x 3m x 3m = 9 cubic metres
    • ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) for the kitchen = 15-20/hr
    • Therefore your new exhaust extractor fan would need to move between 135 (9×15) to 180 (9×20) cubic metres per hour.


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