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Dimmer Switch Lights

Installing a dimmer to your existing lights allows you to control the level of light to suit the occasion, applications can include:

  • Master Bedroom: Adjust the lighting for romance or reading
  • Kids’ Bedrooms: Night-lighting to help the kids feel safe and secure at night
  • Dining Room: Create a romantic atmosphere for an intimate dining experience
  • Lounge Room / Family Room / Entertainment / Games Room: Relax and watch a movie, or enjoy the complete home theatre experience
  • Bathrooms: Soft lighting for that relaxing bath
  • Hallways / Stairwells: Navigate your way to the bathroom or kitchen during the night in safety, but without blinding yourself in the process

Set your mood! Candles can be dangerous when left unattended, use a dimmer to create the perfect mood instead!
dimmer switch installation

Energy savings: Modern dimmer controls for incandescent lights (including halogens) improve the life expectancy of globes and reduce energy consumption. Most standard fluorescent lamps cannot be dimmed, but special dimmers and lamps are available. When installing new light fittings and controls ensure they are compatible with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps).

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