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House Rewire Wiring Rewiring


Upgrade Your Old House Wiring To Modern Standards

Stay Safe!  House Rewire Wiring Rewiring

If you are upgrading any of your kitchen appliances such as a stove, cooktop, oven or perhaps installing a new air conditioner Perth Electrical can advise you if your existing wiring is adequate. If not we will give you a competitive price to upgrade your wiring, upgrade the switchboard and install any new appliances.

Rewiring a House

Rewiring a house is one of the largest maintenance jobs home owners face and unfortunately probably the most disruptive to the existing decor. Good maintenance, additions and regular inspections can prolong the need for homeowners to carry out such a large rewiring job.

It is widely regarded that most properties should be rewired every 25 years, however as previously stated with good maintenance and regular inspections homeowners could expect up to 40 years trouble free.

House Rewiring is a significant commitment to homeowners, but essential in maintaining a safe environment for yourself and your family. Keeping your electrical installation up to date with the current Regulations reduces the potential risk of electric shock and house fires. Most building and content insurance policies require that properties have current certification verifying that the electrical installation is safe. Failure to provide electrical safety certification can result in the insurance companies deeming policies to be void.

We have have been rewiring properties for over 20 years and have vast experience and expertise in carrying out rewiring jobs. We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled electrical service and make every effort to minimising any inconvenience

Partial House Rewire Wiring Rewiring

As well as offering full house rewiresPerth Electrical Services also offers partial house Rewires. This service would be for customers who may have an emergency and can only afford to upgrade certain circuits e.g. Upgrading the Earthing system and Rewiring a lighting circuit that may not have an earth present. Here at Perth Electrical Services we listen to all our customer’s requirements and aim to provide solutions at a price you can afford.

How Much to Rewire House?

A question many house owners ask is “does my house need rewiring?” and if so “how much is it to rewire a house?”. Perth Electrical Services offer very competitive rates for all House Rewires. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give exact quotations without a site visit. Here at Perth Electrical Services, we provide free written, no obligation quotations. As no two jobs are the same there is no set fee for rewiring a house. As a guide, a basic single brick and tile house (on average) would cost approx. $4000.

How Long to Rewire a Perth House?

As explained previously no two jobs are the same. Therefore, the duration of a House Rewire varies. As a guide Perth Electrical Services aims to complete a standard three bedroom house in 3 days. We provide an estimated duration time with every quotation. Should there be no extras or alterations required from the customer and in the unlikelihood of the job running over, we don’t charge extra for our time and labour.

Reasons to Choose us to Rewire Wiring Rewiring

  • Full and Partial Rewires Leeds
  • Full Design Services
  • Tidy and Neat Installations
  • Only Quality Materials Used
  • All works fully tested and certified
  • All works guaranteed
  • $20 million public liability insurance
  • Electricians trained to industry standards and held all current electrical safety qualifications


All Perth Electrical Services Electricians have been trained to the highest industry standards and hold all current electrical safety qualifications. We keep up to date with the new electrical Regulations, products and technologies and pass this knowledge on to our customers.

All House Rewires completed by Perth electrical services are fully tested, with a 10-year certificate provided.

All customers can choose Perth Electrical Services with full confidence, as not only do we have £2 million of public liability insurance, all electrical rewires are covered with a 6-year insurance backed warranty.

We promise to only supply top branded materials and offer excellent workmanship. Always delivering on quality at affordable prices, we promise complete satisfaction.

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