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Work Description Perth Electrician

Work Description Of An Electrician

Work description of a Perth electrician.

What is an Perth electrician?

The main responsibilities of a  Perth electricians are installing, configuring or otherwise altering the operation of any electrical equipment or electrical wiring for residential, industrial or commercial structures. Electricians often work together with engineers to ensure that all equipment and electrical components operate smoothly and hassle-free. Some of the characteristics of a good electrician are as follows.


The tasks assigned to an electronic technician (electrician) might include teaming up with engineering experts and other staff to assist in the development of major projects, advising on wiring concerns and issues, planning strategies to implement the electrification of building and facilities. Electricians examine and enforce codes and regulations related to installing wiring and other services for ongoing projects and make suggestions to ensure those projects progress smoothly with a minimum of deviations.

Electricians also fabricate required electrical components at times or troubleshoot and repair existing ones. Testing and repairing circuits attached to machines required for commercial purposes and testing and repairing those machines is also a few of the responsibilities a good electrician should be able to handle. When there are issues with an existing configuration, those must also be resolved, usually with the help of an electrical technician.


Some of the skills and abilities a good electrician should possess are the ability to troubleshoot effectively, an aptitude for critical thinking, good math skills and excellent reading comprehension. Troubleshooting skills will help an electrician quickly find the reason for a problem and solve the fault effectively. Critical thinking skills will help an electrician to evaluate all available data and test results and accurately assess the situation. Math is an important skill when dealing with electrical wiring, to calculate amps, maximum load, wire gauge, voltage loss over distance and other important factors. Reading compression is required to follow plans and work-related directions. Good listening skills are also a plus.


Perth electrical technician professionals should have drafting and mechanical drawing ability. Also, good knowledge of the metric system is an absolute must. Some knowledge of robotics may be helpful as well understanding and being able to apply the scientific method. It is sometimes necessary for an electrical technician to be able to compare statistical data related to a project and apply control techniques. All electricians must command a knowledge all regulations relating to engineering for the projects they work, as well as related engineering concerns. A good working knowledge of computers and related hardware is often helpful. Knowledge of safety procedures is very important, especially when the public’s safety is involved.



There are companies out there that will basically hire Perth electricians off the street with no formal training or certifications, but good companies require at least an associate degree related to the electrician’s field of work. Most good electrical technicians acquire their training and preparation from specialised trade schools, colleges and other vocational centres. Also, the armed forces offer very good education and training in this speciality to its electricians. Usually, it is required that electricians pass courses in general mathematics, trigonometry, algebra, engineering and science as well


Working Conditions

Most professional electricians work a standard 40-hour work week, in diverse environments such as business offices, labs, construction work sites, factories and manufacturing plants and more. Electricians should know how to work safely in environments at risk to exposure to dangerous equipment employed at work, chemicals, or toxic materials.



Understanding the duties and responsibilities of an electrical technician, as well as the characteristics and knowledge they should possess will help you to choose the best electrician for the project you have in mind, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. A good, hard working electrician with the right set of traits can be of great benefit to any company as well.

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