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The age of your home is an important factor that can contribute to numerous electrical issues in your home that may show visible warning signs. Knowing the warning signs can help you know when it’s time to make needed repairs before something serious happens, like electrocution, fire or death. Troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems can prevent property damage and personal injury. Even if you think you can handle it yourself, it is advisable to let a qualified Perth electrician handle all your electrical work.

Circuit breakers
Circuit breakers are designed to trip when overloaded or shorted out, shutting of the electricity to the circuit to prevent damage to the electrical wiring of the home, fires or personal injury. If a breaker trips often for seemingly no reason, it could be because the breaker is old and faulty. It may also mean there is a serious problem with the wiring. To fix a problem like this, you need a professional electrician. Electrical board work requires special knowledge. Simply shutting of the main breaker will do nothing to keep you safe when working inside the board. Electricity is still present in the main board. Also, never replace a breaker with one rated for higher amps because this can overload the wiring and cause a fire.

Electrical Shocks
If you feel a small shocking or stunning sensation when you touch an electrical appliance, that is a good indication of lack of proper grounding, loose wiring or bare wiring. This is not the same as the static zap you feel when scrubbing your feet on the carpet. This kind of electrical problem can become serious and cause harm or death. If your appliances are shocking you, call an electrician immediately as this is a life-threatening situation.

Blinking Ceiling Fixtures and Flickering Light Bulbs
Blinking and flickering lights may be caused by wiring that has lost its insulation. This is common with fixtures that have been used with bulbs that have too high of a wattage. Not only can overheating occur, which burns the insulation off the wires, leaving them bare and dangerous, but the added load can also overload your breakers, causing them to trip often. Contact a professional Perth electrician to resolve these issues safely. Also, avoid incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED (light emitting diode) bulbs as soon as possible, because they make less heat and use less electricity.

Switches or outlets

If you have light switches that work intermittently the wiring inside may be loose and detached, which is very dangerous, or the contacts inside may be damaged. A loose plug, a switch that does work and broken outlets can also become a major problem quickly. Outlets, plugs and switches that are loose and falling off may allow a person to come in contact with a bare, live wire and be electrocuted. Situations like that need to be repaired immediately before someone is hurt or killed.

Sparks and Burning Odor
If you smell something burning in your home and it isn’t your supper, it is definitely time to call a Perth electrician. Turn off the power to the breaker box or fuse box immediately and call a professional. The problem could be some defective electric device in the house or it could be the wiring. Either way, it is a serious matter, especially if outlets and receptacles are warm or hot to the touch. Don’t wait around. Have this fixed immediately before it causes your home to be burned down.

Sparks, flickering lights, loose outlets and switches or feeling like you are being shocked are all sure signs you need to have your home’s electrical wiring inspected. Diagnosing and repairing these electrical problems Perth require the skills and knowledge of a professional electrical technician. Consult a well-qualified one.


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