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How to Install a Ceiling Fan

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Why Install a Ceiling Fan Perth?

Add an instant upgrade to your home’s look and improve air circulation by installing a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are reversible, which means they can bring the warm air down to your level during the winter and distribute the cool air during the summer. This should allow you to use less power for heating and cooling and avoid hot and cold pockets in your house.

Building Considerations

Ceiling fans need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box that’s designed to hold a heavy fixture. It not only has to contain the wiring, but also must support the full weight of the fan. If you’re swapping out a regular light fixture and replacing it with a ceiling fan, the electrical box will likely need to be replaced with one rated to support a ceiling fan.

For an easier installation, consider a quick-install ceiling fan, which installs in just three easy steps. The parts that require assembly simply click into place. Always check with a local vendor and do your research before buying to get the best deal possible.

Safety Considerations

Check the joists for any wiring or plumbing pipes that might be in the way before installing your ceiling fan.

Make sure the electrical box that holds the ceiling fan in place is fan-rated.

Turn off electrical power to the fan at the electrical panel and use an appropriate testing device to ensure no power is present at the fixture before you begin work. Do not rely on a wall switch to protect you from electrical shock.

Be sure to use the proper twist-on wire caps for the install and not tape.

If you are adding a new fan where one didn’t exist, consult with your local building code department to determine if a permit is required.

 Always remember, SAFETY FIRST! If you feel that it is difficult or that you have concerns about the installation, your best bet is to contact a local certified professional electrician and let them handle the install for you.


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