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At present, there is a very large demand for electrical technicians and that demand is continuing to grow at a fast rate. New, constantly emerging technologies and the swift pace of technical innovations requires the help of more and more electrical technicians to handle calibration, planning, and design. It is important that certain factors be considered when choosing an electrician. You need someone you can trust to get the job done.

  1. Work Experience
    Part of knowing the track record and history of an applicant for an electrical technician job is to know how extensive their work experience is. Their previous work experience matters a lot since it speaks volumes about their ability to handle various types of electrical work. A technician who has worked on various types of projects will likely be better than one who has not. Experience also makes electricians more flexible and able to handle diverse work problems or issues they may confront in your employ. Do not hesitate to ask about past work experience and check the references applicants supplied in their resume. Doing this will give you an idea of their work attitude and relationship with their previous employer.
  2. Licensed / Certified
    Licenses and certifications earned is another important factor to consider. The years of apprenticeship training by competent electrical professionals, taking of numerous tests to acquire licenses and certificates from a licensing agency in their state is one of the most basic indications of qualification for being hired by a company. An applicant with no license cannot be given accident insurance or supply any warranties, and most definitely should not be allowed to work as a contractor.
  3. Work Reference
    In line with having an impressive work experience, a good licensed electrician also should supply work references for the previous work they have done. References play an important part because it will help you to easily gage the competence and experience of the electrician, and how fast they can complete projects.
  4. Commitment and Professionalism
    Being licensed and certified is not enough. Expressing commitment and strictly adhering to the rules and demands specified in a work contract signifies that you are dealing with a professional. Hiring an electrician who deals with verbal commitments only may eventually cause problems in the end. A written agreement signed by both parties must include the duties, responsibilities, duration of the work to be completed, and expectations that the employer has of the technician. A written agreement should also specify the liability of the electrical contractor on the worksite and specify how he will compensate for any incidents or accidents. It must also indicate their proposed work rates, insurances, warranties and guarantees.
  5. Availability
    The availability of the electrical technician to start work immediately is subject to their availability. Some technicians accept part time work from other clients to earn extra income. It is important that the electrician not be too busy to handle the needs of his client and that the employer and the electrical contractor establish an agreed upon work schedule so the project can begin immediately.

It is very important to a company to know the full work history, eligibility, credible past work references, and level of professionalism of an electrical technician job applicant. A neatly presented resume that presents all these details and a good showing at a job interview greatly increases the odds of getting hired by the company the electrician wants to work with most.


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